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Flobyt free WiFi services launched over the weekend to provide free internet to users in public places.

The involvement of music mogul Don Jazzy of Mavin Records and Dele Odufuye, CEO of Tsaboin, piqued interests of readers to an all time high. Since then, emails have been pouring in about what Flobyt is and isn’t. “

I think the real question here is: at what cost? Free Internet is all good and awesome, but someone’s got to pay for it. I wager that they’d be collecting user data for marketers somehow. Free is never always free.

To address the concern of the above reader and hundreds of others;

Flobyt is FREE. But not entirely free.
This is somewhat the most asked (and unasked) question about Flobyt. How can something be completely free without any cost to the user? While it is indeed 100% FREE, adverts are displayed at regular intervals and viewing such adverts is your payment for using the service.

How Flobyt makes money.
From some of the questions you sent us in the email, some people are afraid that Flobyt will sell your data to make money. But as earlier mentioned, advertisers pay to have their ads run on the platform, you as a prospective user have to watch these ads before you are allowed to use it.

Indeed, no internet connection is 100% secure. The internet is full of warnings on security consciousness and protecting information shared over the internet. However, according to CEO, Dele Odufuye, Flobyt WiFi has been encrypted to ensure security over the network.


Don Jazzy is an investor and co-founder.
As much as the Mavin Records boss’ influence would go a long way in promoting the solution, it has been verified that he actually is an investor and co-founder in the venture. Lagos to Africa Flobyt WiFi is only available in Lagos now, with plans to reach 500 locations across the state. Don Jazzy says the service will be extended to the 36 states of Nigeria in due time. “The plan is to spread all over Nigeria, West Africa and ultimately all through the continent [of Africa].

Where can I use Flobyt now?
Flobyt WiFi is currently installed in the following locations in Lagos State;
White House, Sabo, Yaba Bar Enclave, Ilupeju
FoodHouse, Ikosi
Lounge 9a, Anthony
Massimo Bar, Ikeja
Grace’s Cakes,Ogba
Jazzment Salon, Lekki
KayzPlace Barbershop,Lekki
Amala Express, Lekki
RoadStar Burger, Lekki.

There’s a limit to users.
On business premises, a normal Flobyt WiFi device can accommodate 10 – 30 users at time. For locations with higher traffic, the Flobyt Max WiFi device can take up to 80 concurrent users at one time.

How to get Flobyt WiFi for your business.
According to Don Jazzy, there were already 455 requests for Flobyt free WiFi within 48 hours of official launch. Dele Odufuye said;

“ Our only request from business owners and outlets is to keep the internet routers functional for 90% of the day. When the units are bad, we will fix or replace them within 24 hours.

You too can apply to have your patrons and customers enjoy free WiFi services in your business premises by filling this form.


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