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Fashion Designer/entrepreneur Toyin Lawani, 3
days ago shared the photo below of his son with
two police men by his side.

The title got some of her followers as they felt he can’t be president with the way she is bringing
him up.


Well, she got a message for her haters! She shared a video teaching her daughter how to
make and wrap moi moi and said;

“I Teach my kids Good Values,what Do you Teach yours???You see A swag picture and Rant About my kids,when yours are not Even capable of half of what they are capable of,can your 6year old Roll moimoi????i guess not,that’s snc when she’s been Doing it,

You can’t even Beat @lilatmfashionista in science projects ,not to talk of @lordmaine2
s smartness in school,or church,so A child wear studs it means they will Growup a Gangster


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