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pastor The pastor and founder of Grace Ministries, Prophet
Onbert Mapfumo was on Tuesday arrested after
admitting he impregnated a married woman and
sexually abused three others.

The prophet admitted some of the allegations on
Tilder Moyo’s show live on StarFM and is being
detained at Machipisa police station in

He is expected to appear in court today. Yesterday,
other victims emerged at the police station
claiming they had been duped of money in
promise of fake residential stands.

Victims clashed with Mapfumo’s sympathisers who
included his wife causing a scene at the police
station distracting motorists.

According to H-metro, the first victim, 25, who was
made pregnant by Mapfumo, revealed that the
prophet promised her new and clean blood if she
was to have sexual intercourse with him.

“The prophet was aware that I was having
problems with contraceptives, so he said that he
was going to cleanse me through sexual
intercourse,” said the first victim.

“At some point, I tried to stop him but he told me
that if I can trust a doctor to see me n*ked why I
would doubt a man of God. The victim had a
child with Mapfumo who died after six months.

The whole time he would demand for s*x from me
since we had a child together and I kept it a secret
to my husband but it was affecting me daily.

When the baby passed away, I had nothing to
lose and told my husband who claimed all the
money that he had used on the child back.


Prophet would drag the issue until my husband
recorded some of the voice calls which we used
against him at StarFM,” she said.

A second victim, 28, said Mapfumo abused her
claiming to be cleansing her from demons.

“To be honest, at this point I would like to think
this man used some sort of juju on all of us, I
could not stop him at all even though I knew what
we were doing was wrong,” she said.

“Surprisingly, I would see several ladies lined up to
enter the prayer room and knew they were going to
be abused like me as well but we did nothing. He
told me that the moment I have s*x with him, I
will have new blood which would help me from
spiritual attacks,” she said.

Mapfumo is said to have used many threats, some
of them biblical to stop the women from saying

“At one point, I asked him if what we were doing
was Godly and he replied me saying that even the
biblical David slept with married women so I
should not judge him. I only slept with him three
times but we had an argument since I did not
want to ruin my marriage,” said the third victim
aged 26.

Another congregant, Happius Mahembe claimed
that Mapfumo duped him over a thousand dollars
promising residential stands in return.

“He told us that he had worked with the CIO at
one point so he had access to some lands that
were being handed out,” said Mahembe.

“I was paying monthly instalments but since he
was a man of God, I trusted him and there was no
written agreement. All I want right now is my
money back because who trusts someone like him,
I even heard rumors that he had s*x with my
wife,” he said.