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facebook Adorable couple, Awele Nwokolo and Afam
JohnPaul Nwokolo met three years ago on
Facebook after Afam sent a friend request. facebook


Awele Nwokolo and Afam JohnPaul Nwokolo

As narrated by the bride-to-be, once she accepted
his request, she realized that they both have same
last name. He told her to send her house address
and her mom’s phone number because as soon as
he arrived back in Nigeria, he was going to tell
her parents he’s going to marry their daughter!

Fast forward to January, 2017, he made his
proposal with a beautiful diamond ring. Their
meeting was trailed with some coincidences…they
both bear the same surname, Nwokolo, their
fathers are from Asaba, Delta state and mothers
from Illah, Delta state and to top it all, their
grandmothers happened to be childhood friends!
Read their love story below:



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