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peace A hardworking woman has surpassed the odds
after she trained herself in school through
proceeds she received while driving a keke

Peace Orukari

A 26-year-old woman identified as Peace Orukari
from Kalama compound, Sabageria Community in
Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Area of
Bayelsa State has shared her experience of survival
how she became a keke driver to raise money for
her education.peace


She said she entered into the business when Some
Bayelsa Politicians she met for help in regards to
her education, were demanding $ex before they
could assist her.

According to information online, the young
entrepreneur reportedly revealed that said she
entered into the business due to how tough life
has been for her and her family. She further
revealed that she struggled to finish secondary
school selling recharge cards and hawking
oranges. We wish her the best in her future

Bodmas News who interviewed her revealed that
Orukari also possess other skills in sports, she
explained she is a very good side 3 left footer in
football and also a good player in squashing.

Orukari advised Bayelsa girls not to be dependent
on anyone but to immediately use the
entrepreneurship opportunities at their disposal.